Your Education Doesn’t End Just Because You Earned Your License

After you earn your real estate license, is your training over? No—there are many ways you can continue to learn and grow throughout your career.

Does your education end once you earn your real estate license? Of course not!

Here in Colorado, the state requires you to do 24 hours of continued education
every three years for your renewal period. You have to take a mandatory, four-hour course that’s due each year, along with 12 hours of additional classes.

Our agents do the mandatory course and three or four others in order to reach 24 credits by the end of those three years.

Of course, that’s just scratching the surface. There are a lot of other training methods that we do here at RE/MAX Millennium. We encourage our agents to take part in these training events in order to explore other areas of real estate.

For example, we hold a “Lunch and Learn” every Wednesday, where we focus on personal growth or other real estate-related topics. We also cover a specific real estate topic the third Thursday of every month. We have a continental breakfast and sit down for a couple of hours to learn.

We pay for all of your real estate education in the office.
Sometimes I’ll teach the course or we’ll bring in a guest speaker. We try to bring in different people so that it’s always fun and educational.

We also broadcast special events by people like Dave Ramsey or Brian Buffini in the office throughout the year.

All of that education is paid for. If you want to do training outside of the office, there may be some other fees for you to pay.

Other brokerages require you to pay for your training classes, but that is not the case here at RE/MAX Millennium. If you have any other questions about our training, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!